The Health Benefits of Rhinoplasty

It can be all too easy to assume that any form of cosmetic surgery is merely that: cosmetic. However, Robert Kotler MD argues that rhinoplasty is in fact a health procedure. Yes, it might improve your appearance but the surgery also has incredible health benefits. A procedure may be designed to make you look more attractive but a good surgeon will do this is a way that improves your physical wellbeing.

If you’re wondering whether plastic surgery is worth it, then check out these three incredible health benefits of rhinoplasty.

Improved Oxygen Flow

Robert Kotler MD understands the need for cosmetic surgery to go beyond the aesthetic. Depending on the way your facial bones are arranged, you may suffer from congestion. The air gaps in and around your nose may be prone to blockage which prevents oxygen from flowing properly. Rhinoplasty will reshape the nasal septum to clear sinus problems, allowing you to breathe more soundly. This will help you to feel more focused and alert, improving cognitive problems and reducing headaches.

Uninterrupted Sleep

Up to 80 million Americans experience sleep problems. If you’re one of them, then you might be glad to know that Robert Kotler MD recommends rhinoplasty to improve your sleep. By reshaping the nasal septum to clear the airways, you’ll be less likely to snore. Research suggests that snoring reduces sleep quality and leaves you feeling fatigued in the morning. If you have a flat or misshapen nose, then you may struggle to sleep due to irregularities in unconscious breathing. Proper sleep habits reduce your chances of obesity, diabetes, heart conditions, and depression, so consider rhinoplasty for a healthier life.

Increased Self-Confidence

One of the main reasons that Robert Kotler MD‘s patients give for undergoing rhinoplasty is that it improves their self-confidence. This has knock-on effects on your health. Self-confident people will have stronger and more reliable relationships so you’re generally happier and less likely to become depressed. This sense of self-worth puts you in a good mood, which means you’ll eat better, exercise more, and sleep more soundly.

If you’ve been considering rhinoplasty but are worried it’s not worth the time and money, then consider these health benefits. By re-shaping your nose, you’ll be increasing your oxygen flow, improving cognitive performance and energy levels. You’ll also sleep better while feeling more confident in yourself. These benefits combined equate to a major and noticeable improvement in your health levels.