Work With Tax Experts at Dallo Law Group

Taxes are confusing for the average tax payer. Even with a standard return, the changes to the tax code have made some things far more complex than they used to be. If you have questions about filing taxes, if you need help with filing, or if you are a personal or business entity in need of assistance if you are being audited, you’ll want to elicit the help of the top tax lawyers in San Diego. This is where the team at Dallo Law Group can help you with your tax questions, filing, or your tax penalty questions relating to the IRS’s audits. 

Solutions for all problems

It does not matter what kind of tax issues you are dealing with, the Dallo Law Group will come up with a creative solution to help you tackle it. The team will work on your behalf and represent you, if the IRS is threatening you, making claims you owe monies which were already paid, or if federal and state taxing agencies, are trying to come after you. 

Some of the ways to resolve a tax debt might be

  • Set up a payment plan with the tax agencies (these have very low interest rates for most taxpayers)
  • Go over your returns to find discrepancies
  • Use your previous returns if the IRS is claiming you didn’t properly report something, in order to highlight the information you provided is correct
  • Help you with late penalties or help you in the event you missed filing for a few years, and need to go back to amend taxes

There’s no shortage of solutions available to you, and there is more than one option than simply folding, giving in, and giving the IRS what they want. You do have options as a taxpayer, and there are ways in which to reduce the total amounts you owe in back taxes or unpaid taxes, if you did miss filing for a series of years in the past. 

If you are not sure how to fight the IRS on your own or need help in defending yourself in the event of an audit, you’ll want to have a team of tax lawyers on your side to assist you through all phases of the process. With the team at the Dallo Law Group, you have top experts, who will come up with the right solution, for your specific tax issues, concerns, or questions you have, regarding liens or other penalties which the IRS is claiming you owe.